1.1. These INTERNAL RULES are intended to regulate the relations between sports center "GARITAGE" and its visitors (clients) while providing services by sports center "GARITAGE".


1.2. The working hours of the sports center "GARITAGE" are from 7.00 am to 10.30 pm for the period from Monday to Friday and from 8.00 am to 10.00 pm on Saturdays and Sundays.


1.3. Each service is paid in advance at the reception or through the website of sports center "GARITAGE".


1.4. Each visitor is obliged to:


  • to comply with these Internal Rules;
  • to keep the comfort of other visitors and to follow the instructions of the staff / instructors in sports center "GARITAGE";
  • to protect the property of sports center "GARITAGE";
  • to be responsible for their personal belongings.


1.5. The sports center is obliged to:


  • to announce in due time for changes in the Internal Rules;
  • to inform visitors in due course of any changes in the sports / group activities schedule;
  • to control the compliance with the Internal Rules by other visitors;
  • to maintain the facilities in the sports center in a technically sound condition.

1.6. in order to improve the quality of services, perform prevention maintenance, repair damage and other related activities, the sports center has the right to temporarily restrict or suspend access to certain services or premises.





2.1. It is obligatory to use clean sports shoes and sportswear specially brought for the trainings, and for the pool - clean flip-flops or sandals and a swimming hat. Otherwise, the client will not be admitted to the facilities in the sports center "GARITAGE".


2.2. Instructors and coaches are authorized to terminate the training of any customer if he/she has entered the halls with dirty, muddy, unclean sports shoes or if his actions could contaminate or damage the property of "GARITAGE".


2.3. Access of people who do not use the sports facilities and SPA areas of "GARITAGE" is not allowed.


2.4. People wishing to inspect the offered sports and recreation facilities in "GARITAGE" must wear plastic overshoes when entering the sports center "GARITAGE". Otherwise they will not be allowed.


2.5. Smoking in all rooms of the center is strictly prohibited. Consumption of food and beverages (except for bottled energy drinks and water offered at the reception) is not allowed in the premises of the sports center "GARITAGE".


2.6. A client who does not comply with the Internal Rules, hygiene requirements, does not protect the property in "GARITAGE" or interrupts the training process of other clients, will be asked to leave the center.


2.7. The lockers are available to visitors to the sports center only for the duration of their visit. Forgotten items are kept for 30 days. GARITAGE Sports Center is not responsible for stolen items and valuables from the lockers in the locker rooms.


2.8. The center is not responsible for loss or damage to personal belongings.


2.9. Every visitor in the sports center "GARITAGE" is obliged to use the services and facilities in "GARITAGE", taking into account their general health and physical capabilities. Garitage Sports Center is not responsible for injuries, traumas and accidents resulting due to inappropriate health, physical condition and inadequate equipment of the visitor.


2.10. In the event that a visitor to the GARITAGE Sports Center uses the premises, facilities and services offered by the GARITAGE Sports Center in violation of these rules, the Sports Center shall not be liable for damages, and for injuries and contusions obtained.


2.11. The liability of GARITAGE Sports Center, except in cases of intent or gross negligence, is limited to the amount of paid and used by the visitor services in the GARITAGE Sports Center, but not more than the amount of the annual subscription for the type of service used by the visitor.





3.1. Children and juniors can use the services only during the announced working hours.


3.2. Children under the age of 16 can use the GARITAGE Sports Center if they are accompanied by an adult at all times, and it is the sole responsibility of the adult attendant to supervise them.


3.3. Children under the age of 16 are not allowed to use group activities / fitness services unless they are with a personal instructor or part of an event organized by the GARITAGE Sports Center. The sports center reserves the right to deny access and / or remove children in case of inappropriate behavior.


3.4. Children under the age of 16 are not allowed in the pool without an escort or instructor. The accompanying adult pays the respective service for a child and an adult.




4.1. Registration, each client must make their own registration and profile on the page of the sports center "GARITAGE"

- Fills in the form with personal data: name and surname, telephone number and e-mail.


- Agrees to comply with the Internal Rules of the sports center "GARITAGE"


- Accepts or refuses to receive emails for news and promotions.


After creating his account, the client must visit the reception of the sports center to identify himself with an identity document and certify that he is the creator of the requested activation profile.

The management of the Sports Center reserves the right to change the conditions for registration and issuance of access cards / bracelets.


Receiving a card / bracelet for access, visitors pay a fee according to the price list of the sports center "GARITAGE" and according to the type of subscription. Subscription fees are set by the “GARITAGE” Sports Center and may be changed at any time.


4.3. Upon identification at the reception and agreement with the conditions, the client buys a card BGN 3.00 / bracelet BGN 4.00, which remains the property of the client. Customers who have purchased a monthly subscription do not pay for their first card / bracelet.

Card / bracelet is associated with the client's profile in the software of the sports center "GARITAGE".


4.4. The subscription card is personal and cannot be given to anyone else.


4.5. Visitors must wear their card / bracelet when visiting the GARITAGE Sports Center and show them at the reception when requested by the staff of the GARITAGE Sports Center. The Sports Center reserves the right to refuse access upon presentation of an identity document and access card / bracelet.


4.6. The loss of a card must be announced immediately at the reception of the sports center "GARITAGE" and a new card must be purchased BGN 3.00 / bracelet BGN 4.00


4.7. Any misuse of subscription cards will result in immediate termination of the subscription without refund of any amounts paid so far.


4.8. The sports center provides services against remuneration according to the price list announced on the website and at the reception. The prices are determined by the sports center "GARITAGE" and can be changed at any time.


4.9. Visitors pay the price for the respective type of service in advance at the reception of the sports center "GARITAGE" in cash or by bank transfer.


4.10. Promotional prices and conditions are not combined with other discounts.







5.1. Reservations are made for swimming lessons, group activities, personal training with a designated coach / instructor.


5.2. Reservations are made through the web platform of the official website of "GARITAGE".


5.3. All reservations for group training and individual training must be made through the client's profile in the web platform of the sports center "GARITAGE".

The center only guarantees paid reservations. Otherwise, the center reserves the right to sell the booked class.


5.3. Cancellation can be made up to 8 (eight) hours prior to the reserved time. Otherwise, the sports center reserves the right to request payment for the reservation.


5.4. The sports center may cancel or refuse reservations in case of renovations or due to events. In these cases, visitors will be notified in advance.





5.5. The clients of the center must be in sportswear and comfortable, well-cleaned, sports shoes. The instructor in the hall is obliged to give the beginners initial instructions for using the devices.


5.6. For information and to receive individual fitness programs, the visitors of "GARITAGE" can turn to the fitness instructors in the gym.


5.7. In case of difficulties or ambiguities in the operation of the equipment, the visitors of the sports center should turn for assistance to the fitness instructors in the sports center.


5.8. Each client must use and place a towel when training on the equipment in a sitting or lying position.


5.9. Single use / handling of equipment and accessories in the halls is not allowed except for the operation of the respective fitness equipment. Fitness equipment and accessories cannot be reserved.


5.10. The access of visitors not practicing sports is not allowed. Visitors to the GARITAGE sports center should follow the instructions of the fitness instructors.


5.11. It is forbidden to use the gym in flip-flops, sandals, slippers and incomplete sportswear.


5.12. It is forbidden to bring food and drinks, except for bottled water.



CrossFit Zone

5.13. CrossFit Zone clients must be in sportswear and comfortable, well-cleaned, sports shoes.


5.14. The instructor in the hall is obliged to give the beginners initial instructions for using the devices.


5.15. The use of mobile devices and others during training is prohibited.


5.16. Access by visitors not practicing sports is not allowed in the CrossFit Zone.


5.17. Visitors to the CrossFit Zone should follow the instructions of the instructor.


5.18. The use of the CrossFit Zone in flip-flops, sandals, slippers and incomplete sportswear is prohibited.


5.19. It is forbidden to bring food and drinks, except for bottled water.



 The group activity hall


5.20. The group classes are held according to a schedule approved by the sports center "GARITAGE", which can be changed in a timely manner by the administration of the sports center "GARITAGE".


5.21. It is not allowed to enter the halls with dirty shoes and inappropriate clothing.


5.22. It is recommended to attend classes with special closed sports shoes and comfortable clothes.


5.23. You need to be dressed and ready 10 minutes before the start of the activity. Delays of more than 10 minutes entitle the instructor not to allow you to the lesson.


5.23. It is forbidden to use one's own choreography and free weights in group classes without the appropriate command of the instructor.


5.24. In the absence of the coach, the use of musical equipment and accessories in the gym is prohibited.


5.25. The used equipment must be stored on site after training. Plastic cups and waste are disposed of in the container.


5.26. It is not recommended to visit the martial arts hall in case of malaise and ill health.


5.27. The fitness club is not responsible if the reason for damage to your health is the violation of the rules for visiting the martial arts hall or the independent choice of inappropriate load and methods.


5.28. During the classes you must follow the order and discipline.


5.29. To avoid injuries and for comfortable sensations, attend activities that correspond to your level of preparation.



Sauna, Infrared sauna and steam bath


5.30. In the sauna, sit only on a towel.


5.31. The use of oils, honey and other lubricants is prohibited in the sauna. Visitors who will use the sauna must take a shower in advance.


5.32. You can enter the sauna without sandals or flip flops.


5.33. In the sauna it is forbidden to pour aromas directly on the stones of the stove, as well as to spray water on the walls and ceiling.



Ice pool


5.34. The ice pool can only be entered after taking a shower. Pregnant women and young children are not advised to use the ice pool.


5.35. Shaving is not allowed in the saunas, infrared sauna, steam bath and ice pool.


Pool and spa area


5.36. Clients without flip-flops, swimming caps and swimsuits are not allowed in the pool.


5.37. The center does not take responsibility for visitors in case of accidents caused by inappropriate sportswear and improper use of the facilities.


5.38. It is forbidden to jump, run or dive in the pool.


5.39. Customers should take a bath before using the pool, ice pool, saunas and steam baths.


5.40. Radios or other electrical and electronic devices above 16 volts are not permitted for use by the pool.

5.41. Consumption of food and drinks around and in the pool is not allowed.


5.42. Games with balls and inflatable objects are not allowed in the pool, outside the hours specified in the schedule for activities with children and aqua aerobics.


5.43. It is forbidden to use the pool if there is no lifeguard.


5.44. Customers who have used alcohol or drugs will not be allowed in the pool.


5.45. For swimming lessons for babies and aqua aerobics for babies, the use of diapers for swimming for babies is mandatory.





6.1. With the legal fact of using a service offered by the sports center "GARITAGE", a visitor accepts these RULES and confirms that he/she has voluntarily provided his/her personal data. The visitor gives his explicit consent to the sports center to store, process and use his/her personal data, including by transferring them to third parties - subcontractors, agreeing and authorizing the sports center to provide information or personal data about the visitor to his lawyers, accountants, auditors and other external consultants and persons working for the sports center, when this is necessary in connection with the activity of the sports center, as well as for preservation and / or protection of the rights, property or personal safety of the sports center or its visitors, etc.


6.2. In case a client has objections regarding the performance of a service, he may submit a written objection to the manager of the sports center, who will consider the objection and notify the client within 7 days of its deposit. The manager's decision is final.


6.3. Within the framework of these Rules, the sports center has the right to unilaterally change the price list, of which notifies customers through a notice in the sports center, as well as by publishing the changes on the website of the center


6.4. The center reserves the right to amend these rules at any time without notifying subscribers individually.